Events & Workshops

We offer a wide variety of workshops and events to help you cultivate a more meaningful and conscious life.  They are led by Tania or with a special guest, creating a truly unique experience at the studio.  

We also offer monthly Full Moon Celebrations, where we harness the power of the moon to manifest our life’s potential.

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A few of our most popular workshops include:

UNION: Yoga & Meditation

Join Tania and Robin Roppo, holistic healer & yogi, for a collaborative meditation and yoga experience (please bring your own mat and props). We will begin with a yoga practice designed to awaken, inspire, and prepare the body, spirit and mind.  As we flow through poses, we will gently move into a guided meditation and sound bath. Take a journey through the senses to become fully present in your body.

The Chakras

The chakras are wheels of energy that govern our bodies.  They represent physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.  Learn all about the different chakras and why it is so important to keep them balanced. Through unique exercises, meditation and sound you will learn to keep the chakras open.

Developing Your Intuition

Awaken that quiet voice in the back of your head, learn to trust your higher self.  Through innovative activities, you will learn to be the co-creator of your own life rather than just a passenger.

Empowering Women

A weekend-long retreat where we will learn to empower ourselves through self-care and self-compassion. Through various mindfulness practices, we will quiet the mind in order to hear the inner voice and honor our soul. This workshop is led by Tania and Jill Perin

Consciousness Bootcamp

This workshop, our most popular, is designed to introduce you to ways of living your life with more awareness and authenticity.  Learn to understand how emotions affect our reactions and interactions.  Explore how all of our experiences, large and small, are lessons for growth. Bootcamp is offered weekly for 6 consecutive weeks.  

Secrets of the Pendulum

An Introduction to Dowsing: For centuries, pendulums have been used as a tool to tap into the unconscious mind, a practice called dowsing. Today, they are widely used to help answer questions, balance your chakras, and tune-in to your own inner wisdom. This workshop is taught by Debbie Misra