Youth Meditation

Let’s face it, our kids are under more stress than ever before, especially during this pandemic. Meditation is a way to alleviate some of that stress. It can increase focus, improve communication skills, help raise scores by lowering test anxiety and create a greater sense of well-being.

Anyone over the age of 15 is welcome to come to any class however some additional options are…

Mindfulness for Middleschoolers

We are offering a class where your kids will learn useful tools and techniques to help with fear, worry, and stress. Find simple ways to manage feelings and emotions. Each week we will focus on a different skill such as mindful breathing, mindfulness of emotions, mindful communication, and test taking anxiety buster.
Sessions are drop-in and participants are encouraged to take part according to their own comfort level. There is no right or wrong with Mindfulness! This class will be held in a 6-week series and taught by Debbie Misra.

Debbie Misra is certified by Mindful Schools to teach Mindfulness in the classroom. She started out on her own Mindfulness journey six years ago and finds the techniques incredibly powerful for the stresses of everyday life. She is also a former middle and high school educator who absolutely loves making learning accessible to all through creativity.

Teen Meditation & Reflection

Teenagers today are constantly bombarded with triggers and stress. With the pressures of school to social media to the long term effects of covid, our teens are overwhelmed. This weekly drop-in class offered by Tania Gold and Dr. Beth Bochner will focus on tools to manage stress and anxiety. Each week will highlight a pertinent topic and include a related meditation and sound bath. In this safe and confidential space, teens will have the opportunity to share, listen to others, and develop their anti-stress toolkit. This class is ideal for high school students.

Dr. Bochner is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in adolescents, children, and families. Her empathetic and relatable yet research-backed approach allows her to facilitate meaningful impact.

Home For The Holidays

This is a meditation class designed just for college-aged people. This class will be a guided meditation and sound bath, and will include relaxation tips to use on their own. While young adults are welcome to come to any class we offer, this one is designed just for them. This class will be offered during most school holidays.

One on One Meditation

Create your own personalized meditation practice by meeting with Tania one-on-one either at the studio or in your home. Learn about several meditation techniques as Tania tailors a practice that best suits your lifestyle and specific needs. This can be done in person or virtually.

Teen PODs

Bring your POD to us!

Virtual Private

Want to meditate but not sure how safe you feel in person? Book a Zoom session with Tania. A beautiful way to break the distance barrier and still get all of the benefits.

Contact Tania for more information.