About Tania

I am a lifelong meditator. It gives me a profound, unshakable sense of spirit.

I was taught transcendental meditation at the age of four. I have memories of traveling to ashrams with my family. While I didn’t quite understand it, I had a very strong knowing that I was a part of something much bigger then myself, that we are all connected, every single one of us.

While I struggled with my own practice in my teens, I never lost that sense of connectedness. Over the years I learned many meditation and yoga methods and incorporated the different techniques into my own practice.

I had a busy career as an interior designer and fundraiser while raising three boys. As an interior designer, I became acutely aware of the impact our environment has on our overall well-being.  At the same time, my volunteer work provided me with the gratitude that is realized with service to others.  As a mother, I learned patience and the power of love.

Until recently, my meditation practice was something I did for myself to stay grounded. As spirituality took a more prominent role in my life, I decided to stop working and devote myself to following that path. I spent a year studying, taking workshops, going on retreats and just following the signs.

What became clear to me is that we are all looking for more depth in our lives.  For a way to slow down and feel a connection. I have found meditation to be the answer to that.

I realized my desire to share the impact of meditations with others, so I created Sacred Space.

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