In-Person Class Schedule and Descriptions

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Our offerings blend a variety of techniques and styles that are accessible to anyone. Whether you are trying it out for the first time or a well-seasoned meditator, our classes are appropriate for any level.


Signature Sound Meditation

We begin by taking an inward journey through guided meditation; being transported into a place of openness and insight. Then float deeper into relaxation by being “bathed” in the vibration of crystal singing bowls, gong, chimes and more. Feel the stresses of the day melting away, being replaced by a sense of wholeness for the body and mind.

Candlelight Sound Meditation

This class is our Signature Sound Meditation (see above) held in the evening under candlelight. This class and its atmosphere, calms the mind and body, leaving you feeling relaxed and at peace – a perfect way to end your day and be ready for a better night’s sleep.

Guided Meditation

Achieve a deeper state of awareness through guided meditation.  This class offers a variety of styles and techniques to reduce stress, increase focus or just learn to be more present in your life.  Discover that sacred space within yourself.  This class does not include singing bowls.

Sunrise Meditation

Start your day with a sacred self-care ritual, referred to as “Sadhana” in Sanskrit. We begin by clearing our energy from the night, followed by a guided intention-setting meditation and sound bath. Starting your day with intention and presence in a heart centered way is probably the best thing you could do for yourself.

Chakra Cleanse

The Chakras are “wheels of energy” that govern our bodies. They represent the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. Through guided meditation, we will open and balance the chakras so that energy can flow freely, which is essential to our overall well-being. This meditation is both rejuvenating and relaxing, leaving you in a state of alignment and balance.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Gentle Flow Yoga is curated specifically for those interested in a gentle practice, new to yoga or for individuals reuniting with their practice. In addition to beginner pranayama, this class incorporates simple flowing sequences to warm up the body, focusing on alignment, strength, balance, and flexibility. As we bring mindful awareness to the physical activity of yoga, we transform our movements into a form of meditation.

This class is led by Robin Roppo, holistic healer, homeopath and yogi.

Meditation for Hope

Now more than ever it is essential that we as a collective have hope.  Hope for peace, hope for healing, hope in humanity, and hope in the power of love. Hope is the key ingredient for all healing, whether it be global healing or personal healing. Raising ones vibration to that of hope is crucial. One of the best things we can do for the world right now is to have faith in humanity. This special, weekly meditation is for anyone or anything in need.

Restore with Kelly

Join Kelly Joachim for a restorative journey designed to create more alignment and lift your vibration. Infused with master-level reiki, light language and nourishing sound healing frequencies, Kelly will guide you through a heart-led meditation for alchemizing energetic blocks, restoring life force energy and awakening more of who you truly are. Prepare to leave this class feeling uplifted, expanded, with a greater sense of clarity, purpose and connection with all that there is. Kelly is a reiki therapist, spiritual mentor and sound practitioner.


Outdoor Meditation

Experience the sounds of nature woven into a guided meditation and sound bath. This class takes place under the pavilion at The Tenafly Nature Center May through October. This class takes place rain or shine and don’t forget to bring your own chair!