The other amazing practitioners who work with Tania Gold at Sacred Space Meditation.

Debbie Misra

Debbie Misra is a sound and music practitioner. With a background in classical music and education, she completed her sound practitioner training with The Sound Healing Academy, The Integrative Music & Sound Academy and Advanced Gong Training with Marco Dolce. 

Debbie’s services will include the following: Mindfulness for adults & youth, weekly sound meditations (tuning fork & gong), new moon gong baths, workshops and special events. She will also be available for private sound therapy sessions. Please reach out for more information regarding private sessions. 

To learn more about Debbie visit her website here.

Kelly Joachim

Kelly Joachim is a reiki therapist, spiritual mentor, sound practitioner, and cosmic channel for the Starseed Council of Light. Her passion for the healing arts led to the formation of Restore The Heart, a space created to support others with navigating the layers of spiritual awakening and transformative process of ascension.

Kelly is sharing her light codes with SACRED SPACE through a weekly class known as ‘Restore With Kelly.’

To learn more about her 1:1 healing sessions, mentoring programs and offerings, please visit Kelly’s website at

Jacques Burgering

Jacques Burgering worked for over a decade with shamans from the Andes and Mexico (Toltec/Maya). With their permission, he created an intuitive healing practice. He feels deep gratitude towards these many indigenous healers, teachers, and Mother Earth who generously shared their wisdom.

For more information or to work with Jacques visit: or email him at

Robin Roppo

Robin Roppo (she/her) ✨ is a holistic healer and homeopath who nurtures mindful humans.  As a neurodivergent natural mama, Robin creates a safe space to nourish your being while welcoming vulnerability.

She completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2021 at Jamie Surya Yoga Studio and infuses intuitive movement, flow and breathwork to move towards uniting and integrating the mind, body, soul and spirit. 

Robin resides in Piermont, NY and serves clients through virtual and in-person yoga, holistic wellness, women’s circles, Blessingways for expectant mothers, reiki, private mentoring, workshops, and retreats.