Everything we experience throughout the day collects in our energy field, which can affect our overall well-being. Learning how to clear those blocks, allowing our energy to flow freely, is essential.
In this workshop we will:
Tune In to our body with the pendulum, identifying energy blocks.
Tune Up and clear our energy field using tuning forks.
Through this experience we will learn to align our mind, body and spirit, creating a state of harmony and balance.
Sacred Space welcomes back Debbie Misra to lead this workshop.
Debbie is a sound and music practitioner. She trained with The Sound Healing Academy and The Integrative Sound and Music Institute. She is also is a member of the American Society of Dowsers.
Thursday, February 20th
7 – 9pm

Reiki Share Sound Bath Meditation

Calling all Reiki Enthusiasts!
Sound and Reiki energy healing are forms of vibrational medicine which help to re-establish balance and flow of vital life-force energy.
A Reiki Share gives you an opportunity to both give and receive a Reiki healing regardless of whether or not you have experienced or studied Reiki before. This is a great way to try Reiki for the first time. It is also a great way to strengthen your own practice.
So come experience the healing touch of Reiki combined with the healing vibration and sound of the singing bowls.
Our first Reiki Share was such a success that we’ve decided to offer it monthly. Join us on the FIRST THURSDAY of every month.
Thursday, March 5th
(Drop in single class or class series can be used)

Email us at: to reserve your spot or to answer any questions about any of these events